Bringing your ideas to life - digitally.

We are software developers, marketers, thinkers, problem solvers, coffee lovers and digital nomads.


The agency’s name is a fusion between ’code’ and ’wort’ – which means ’word’ in German. It implies a cooperation between two fields of competences and two personalities. Code is the base of almost every digital product nowadays, and ’coding’ – or software development – is the core competence of the agency. Word(s) are an important success factor in nearly every marketing campaign, which symbolize the second service of the agency: Online marketing. We love to take digital paths, try out new things and live at the (digital) pulse of time.

We often say: Let’s make it happen! Because that’s what we do.

Vera Moosbrugger
Vera Moosbrugger
Founder, CodeWort

Our Digital Services.

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Software Engineering

We develop innovative and functional custom web applications that generate more revenue while also improving efficiency for the business.

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Software & Marketing


We help start-ups and established brands by taking their applications or campaigns to the next level - by understanding their vision and carrying out extensive analysis.

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Digital Marketing

We create individual campaigns using tools like SEO, Social Media, Paid Media, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and much more to grow.

Only those who think outside the box can communicate in a straight line.

Lukas Greussing
Lukas Greussing
Founder, CodeWort

Our Values.

Passion wins.

If passion is involved, success is not far. This is 100% true for us. And it means, we love what we do and do what we love.

Innovate or die.

We love to take risks, go undiscovered paths and scale experiments. And those, who benefits from these innovative ways, are our customers.

Fail fast.

We often experiment, fail fast, improve, and possibly fail again. Innovative ideas are based on a successful error culture.

Make it better.

Actually, you can always do it better, every day. This is true for nearly all parts of life. Therefore good is quite okay, but better is our claim.

Some of our most favorite customers.


Our Team.

Problem solvers, startup enthusiasts, coffee lovers and digital nomads.

  • Vera Moosbrugger

    Vera Moosbrugger

    Marketeer & Creative spirit

  • Lukas Greussing

    Lukas Greussing

    Software engineer & Tech freak

Our Own Digital Products.


Personal website communication. Connect with your online customers in the most personal and seamless way - by text, voice or video call.

Video calls on your website

Your website visitors can reach out to you with a live video call.

Voice messages from your website

The modern way to communicate with customers is via voice message.

LUVE Publishing

A variety of books. High-quality, problem solving and entertaining. All available on Amazon and other online platforms.

Mindful Leadership

Tools and methods for mindful leadership in stormy times.

Leadership im Homeoffice

The practical guide for decentralized leadership.

High Tech.
Human Touch.